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How to select your rug and maintain it for a longer time

Carpets do much more than keeping the floor off dirt and grime. Not all carpets are made the same. Knowing the material of your carpet will help you maintain its functionality for a longer time. Plus, there are a variety of rugs that you might not be vary of. Be it a luxury apartment or a designer home, a good carpet can add definition to the whole room. We are going to guide you on the commonly bought rugs in the market and how to take care of it.

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Here are the rugs that you will find on the market:

1. Woolen rugs
Woolen rugs emanate warmth and softness that would make you place your feet on during winters. They are also stain resistant, depending on the construction of the wool. They are hand-tufted, hand knotted, machine loomed, hand loomed. Multi-surface rugs are mostly preferred.
How to take care of it: You need to vacuum the woolen rugs for the first four months. This will do away with the normal shedding of the rug. Do not scrub the rug or use cleaning solvents that are not meant for the rug. Blot and clean the area of dirt immediately.

2. Cotton rugs
Cotton rugs are easy to maintain and can fit in any living space. With a variety of color and designs, cotton rugs are becoming a favorite of the urban people. Get your modern rugs today from Nodus Rug.
How to take care of it: Small rugs are machine washable. The big ones might need professional washing because of the size. Dry in shade to prevent fading.

3. Synthetic rugs
Made of a combination of fibers like polyester, nylon and the likes, these are machine woven and can be found in many households today. They mimic the nature of both natural fiber rug and woolen rugs. These are extremely durable and resist wear, tear and stains.
How to take care of it: Clean the spots and blot immediately with soap water. Vacuum regularly.

4. Natural fiber rugs
These rugs are made of fiber found in nature such as Jute and other variants. These rugs look organic and are can also be woven into modern and chic designs.
How to take care of it: Recommended for indoor flooring and not in hot and humid places as they tend to shrink and expand according to humidity. Rotate periodically to avoid uneven wear and tear of the rug.

5. Hair-on-hide rugs
These rugs are made with precision and give a mix of contemporary and organic feel to the rug. These rugs use cowhide and with laser cutting technique, patterns are created and stuck together in pieces to make one elegant looking rug.
How to take care of it: Vacuum it regularly and keep the suction at low so that you don’t destroy the look of the carpet. Professional cleaning might come in handy.
On top of it, you can use rug pads to increase the lifespan and stability of these rugs to the maximum. Get elegant and modern rugs for your luxury apartment at Nodus Rug!